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The DLTC 300 is a Digital Switched-mode Temperature Controller that combines high efficiency with full digital control of PWM (pulse width modulation).
The DLTC 300 has a full digital PID loop with additional optional external correction.
A set of analogue monitors ensures easy system integration. Settings are non-volatile: set up and forget.

Parameter Description LTC 100
Power Single +5 V to 30 V (Vdd)
Input sensor NTC, PTC thermistor 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500 µA activation current
Compliance voltage 2V
Temperature Internal Set point Software selected
External Set point 0-5 V through 14 pin connector or software defined
Stability Over 1 hour 0.001 C (with 20 K thermistor)
Output Bipolar current +/-15A
Current limit Symmetrical. User defined between 0 and Imax
Compliance voltage 8V typical maximum value
P-I control Digital Controlled
Power 60 W maximum without heatsink
Security Software programmable voltage and current limits
Connectors Power & TEC Terminal blocks with M3 Screw
Digital Control USB B
Analog Data 14 pin Molex MiniFit (mating part Molex 430251008)
Monitor Actual temperature 0-5V following sensor voltage
Set temperature 0-5V requested sensor voltage
Actual current 0-5V following current with 2.5V offset
Fault Active high 5V fault line
Dimensions (WxHxD) 89 x 89 x 23 mm
Weight 240 g
Storage Temp -55 to 100 C
Operating Temp -40 to 85 C