RedWave Labs design and manufacture

high quality custom electronics, specialising in photonics.
We can enable you to take the steps from laboratory design to prototype, from prototype to industrial product and all the way to continuous manufacturing.
Expertise and Experience
As your development partner, we build on our expertise in photonics to understand your requirements quickly. Drawing on our extensive experience, we can help you optimise the complete system, covering hardware and software.
We offer significant discounts for larger quantities (10+ / 50+ / 100+ and more ) and OEM versions. We use SagePay to process online payments (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo). We usually ship using UPS.

Speed up your new product introduction

We have worked with industry leaders to streamline their instruments, reducing the number of control units , shrinking the system, reducing power consumption and optimising the bill of materials. Once developed, we guarantee to support production for a minimum of 7 years.
Our designs control instruments in industrial production lines worldwide. We can provide full control systems for complex industrial application with high speed, real time data measurements and multiple level hierarchical feedback loops. 
Our designs control instruments in industrial production lines worldwide and help monitor gases in environmental measurements on all continents, including Antarctica.
Quantum Technologies
We’re proud to be at the forefront of research in quantum technologies. Our research engineers are developing solutions for quantum key distribution receivers, single photon detectors and a master controller system, working with partners at the cutting edge of innovation.

Off-the-shelf controllers for lab and instrument

Our off-the-shelf solutions are ideal for rapid set up and control.
We offer a range of low noise laser controllers, temperature controllers, and data acquisition and control.
Our solutions combine analogue and digital, ranging from simple microcontrollers to high end FPGAs.
For quantum technologies, we can supply single photon detectors and QKD receivers as well as coil drivers, Rb heaters and digital power distribution boards.