Time Tagger Q400

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  • Features: Time Tagger Q400 provides timing resolution to 125ps.
  • Applications: Photon Timing, QKD, Quantum computing, single-photon spectroscopy    Photon Timing, QKD, Quantum computing, single-photon spectroscopy
  • Power: Single, +12 V, 2x 3A from PCIe extension power
  • Laser Current Control    
    • Voltage Type: 3V to 5V TTL type pulse
    • Resolution: 125 /62/32ps peak to peak 
    • Number: 4 Continuous timing inputs
    • 1 Slow synchronisation or framing count
  • Clock Sources    
    • Single-ended: 10MHz e.g. from GPS or atomic standard
    • Differential: 100MHz or custom
    • Internal clock: 100MHz derived from 25MHz crystal
  • Gate Input    
    • Type: 3V3 CMOS logic
    • Connection: 0.1 Inch header internal
  • Connectors    
    • Timing: SMA positive pin. Max 5V 10GHz
    • Power: Molex Jnr PCI express power
    • Clock: SMA positive pin. 10MHz sinusoidal. Max 13dBm
    • Gate: Molex 0.1 inch header
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 248 x 111 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Storage Temp: -20 to 85 C
  • Operating Temp: -20 to 60 C

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