Involving Redwave Labs in your development projects will allow you to:

  • Increase internal capacity
  • Work on product, process and manufacturability
  • Transfer high quality development know-how, enabling more innovative solutions for this problem and the next one
  • Simplify the interface with suppliers

We can work with you on a one-off collaboration to meet a specific need or on a longer term basis to assist you with your strategic goals.
Our experienced team will understand your concept and can design the electronics, mechanical package and software that will ensure you realise the best performance.

  • We use rapid prototyping to de-risk the design and use design for manufacturing principles from the outset
  • Our design capabilities range from low noise laser control systems to RF control up to 10 GHz. Commercialised designs include field proven digital systems from simple microcontrollers to high-speed FPGA.

We’re proud of our highly qualified product development team. Our engineers combine outstanding research credentials and practical commercial product development experience. We understand the physics and use that understanding to develop the best solution to your problems. We’re also unusual in our experience of both short and long term R&D. We’ve delivered projects that lasted a few weeks and others that spanned several years.

Past project:

Project 1

a US start up contacted us to design and build a set of power distribution boards with multiple outputs. For use in instruments detecting gas leaks from aircrafts, weight and power efficiency were key. Our solution has been in use for several years, helping avoid pollution and waste.

Project 2

we worked with a multinational corporation to strip out cost and complexity from the control electronics of natural gas monitor. The joint solution goes into commercial production this autumn 2021.

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