We design and manufacture laser drivers and controllers for a wide range of applications, including controllers for Quantum Cascade Lasers and standard DFB drivers with
We offer low noise amplifiers for photodiodes from 300nm to below 5µm. We have also developed photoreceivers to recover signals from femtowatt level and high frequencies
Most laser applications require precise real-time control. Our controllers deliver the necessary dynamic response and near short noise performance. They can also incorporate
Typical systems include several ADCs and DACs, embedded DSPs with optional PC/104 interfaces to deliver complete real-time control systems for laser systems via powerful electronics
RedWave Labs’ in-house design capability covers high precision analog electronics including power supplies, embedded control electronics, GPS and many more.
We can produce  prototypes rapidly in-house. For example, an operational prototype of a complex custom power supply was produced within a matter of days.
Innovation is key to RedWave Labs' success. We are constantly innovating, expanding our product range and improving our designs. We also carry out collaborative research projects.
We manufacture low and medium volume runs in-house and work with our established network of trusted manufacturing partners for longer runs.
We stress test our designs through accelerated operating and temperature cycles (-70 to +175°C) using our in-house facilities. All our work is fully traceable