Universal platform for spectroscopic instruments

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Full system has following parts:
1. Open Express CPU. Currently Kontron Apollo series.
2. S350 backplane with following capabilities
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports available directly including keybord and mouse, one USB 2.0 on LVDS connector, one USB 2.0 mPCI express card, one to S370 isolation board.
  • 2 Ethernet ports,  MODBUS over TCP/IP 
  • HDMI port and LVDS interface. 
  • SATA connector 
  • Memory card / micro/ for data storage
  • Analog input Slow 16 SE (or 8DI)  24 bit  1kS/s 
  • Analog output 8 SE 16 bit 1kS/s Analog output, 
  • Digital IO x 8 bidirectional DIO at 1 kHz, 
  • 2 SE 18 bit 2 MS/s Analog input, 
  • 3 SE 16 bit Analog output with settling time 800 ns, 
  • 4 fast bidirectional DIO connected directly to plug-in cards. They are DO by default
  • On board buffer of 8kS for fast signal sampling / shared between channels/
  • Open Express connector / type 6/
  • Digital PWM control for Valve and proportional valve with dedicated MCU 
  • I2C and SMB connector for external devices / via S360 board/
  • Dedicated DO lines for gain*bandwidth control on the detector
  • EEPROM for serial number and system description storage
3. S360 is the power supplies and battery charger for entire system. S360 also has connector for external signals as S350 has limited area for external connectors. S360 has following capabilities
  • +12.0V 3.0A
  • +12.0 V 1.5A clean / to drive laser cards/
  • +12.0V 1.0 A separate power rail for Kontron CPU
  • +5.0 V 5 A
  • +3.3V 5.0 A
  • -12 V 0.5 A
  • Battery charge 3or 4 cell and 4.1A4.2V per cell voltage options 4A max current.
  • Internal EEPROM for calibration storage
  • Internal ADC for rail check
4. C155 NEL (C156 EagleYard) Laser driver with same functionalities as standard C150 driver. All TEC control will be done with build-in digital PID. Each card will have flash memory to store serial number and base test results.
  • Laser current control 0-200 mA,3 V compliance voltage, 200 kHz bandwidth, 4 nA/sqrt(Hz) noise.
  • Laser TEC control +/-1.0A, 3V compliance voltage with digital PID
  • Current monitor 
  • Laser photodiode monitor 
5. RedWave Labs provides divers/firmware, BSP for S350 and S360, full communication compiled libraries and drivers for S350 and all plug-in cards, including laser drivers.  Extensive example code will be provided for all relevant APIs.

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