Quantum technologies

Quantum technologies will transform encryption, computing, sensing and change many aspects of our lives. At Redwave Labs, we're working with partners at the forefront of quantum technology to provide the control electronics to bring the science to real life applications. Working with the most advanced academic groups, innovative start-ups and industry leaders within projects part-funded by Innovate UK, we've developed a time tagger, a photon counter, coil driver, Rb heater and digital temperature controller that are commercially available from our shop. We also have a lab control instrument capable of driving two lasers, temperature controllers, RF and piezo with a powerful GUI.

An exciting part of our current research is developing a rack mounted PXIe control system platform for instrumentation. This modular system will be ideally suited to instrumentation across all quantum technology applications, with blades to control lasers, data acquisition, high-speed lock, time tagger and photon counter. We bring our experience of OEM development to all our R&D and all our products are customisable - please get in touch to find out more.

Innovate UK collaborations

We're collaborating with high profile partners in several projects to bring quantum technologies beyond the laboratory to commercial reality. In the 3QN we're working with others to improve encryption by addressing distance limitations of Quantum Key Distribution - see more here.

In High Bias2 we're helping to accelerate quantum sensing.

And in the QT assemble project , we're helping to tackle challenges of size, weight, power and reliability.