We manufacture low and medium volume runs in-house and work with our established network of trusted manufacturing partners for longer runs.

Full traceability

We work only with suppliers who have full traceability for all their products and all of them are ISO 9001:2008 qualified. Most of our suppliers have full military accreditation for the quality. All our products have full traceability down to the smallest item in the system.

Long life and functional replacement:

Majority of our customers spend several years designing and refining their systems. RedWave Labs uses products with extended life span and make every step possible to manufacture same product for at least 8 years if necessary. If during expected product life span there is a component which becomes obsolete, we’ll keep a stock long enough to be able to provide identical replacement.

High quality:

We have our products in thousands of instruments across all continents. They have been in Greenland and Antarctica, in the deserts and mountains, deep underwater and up to 35 km above ground. All of our products perform according specifications or even better. For our major customers we provide free replacement of units due to the accidental damage as well.

Reliability and real-world designs:

We do use our proven solutions for customer needs. We may  propose design solutions incorporating ‘reference designs’ from IC manufacturers as a starting point, but we NEVER use them as a final solution for the customer. We test all our systems well beyond the required temperature range (both for commercial and industrial) and only qualify it as a final solution if all tests were successful. We have found that a vast majority of ‘reference designs’ is not good enough for real-world applications. Our approach has proven to be very reliable over various scenarios, ranging from underwater applications and up to 35 km above Earth.