Small and rugged

Extreme environments

We have designed, manufactured and deployed systems exposed to -70°C, 30 km altitude and that have survived 30 km free fall back to Earth. We can design electronics to survive the rough ascend and descent while collecting viable data all the way. We apply similar principles to all of our products.

 Miniaturisation and Weight reduction

We have successfully redesigned products within a  smaller footprint while delivering better performance and reduced weight. We continuously search for the latest techniques and industry solutions across all engineering fields (not just electronics) to reduce weight and size.

 Extreme temperature ranges

RedWave Labs has developed products for commercial (0  to 70°C), extended industrial (-40 to 85°C), military(-55 to 125°C)  and even beyond military (-70°C) temperature ranges. Where the same requirement exists within multiple temperature ranges, we use interchangeable components to optimize cost versus performance. For example, a product operating within an extended industrial range would be less expensive than the version of the same device able to operate within more demanding environments. For several of our products we use the same firmware but replace only the components required for the desired temperature range. To ensure our products operate as required we have in-house temperature testing capabilities from -73°C to 175°C.

Mechanical stability

Ruggedness is very important for many applications particularly on board aircraft and underwater. RedWave Labs’ products have been deployed on aircraft, weather balloons, and underwater, in addition to the standard industrial environments. We have achieved this using the highest quality interconnects and industrial platforms, and by applying the most stringent design standards.