Analog and Hybrid

RedWave Labs has several products integrating high precision ADC and DAC together with powerful Texas Instruments DSP for industrial application required real-time calculation. We have products incorporating full control system together with powerful electronics controlling laser systems.  Over last 10 years we have designed and developed over 100 products including analog, digital, embedded and PC (Linux and Windows). All of them included hardware design and manufacturing, and many of them incorporated firmware and software as well.

 Analog hardware:

  • Laser Controllers (DFB, QCL, Pump (DC and pulse) with temperature control
  • Ultra low noise amplifiers (voltage and current) and photodetectors
  • RF amplifiers
  • GPS front end
  • Temperature controllers (analog and digital), pressure controllers
  • AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies

 Digital Hardware:

  • PCI and PCI-Express
  • PC-104 DAQ with TI 6000 DSP on-board for realtime processing
  • DAC (12-16 bit, 1µS settling time), ADC (12-24 bit, up to 1.25 MS/s)
  • DIO fast and low jitter
  • Digital lock-in amplifiers up to 1 MHz
  • Embedded data acquisition, storage and process control like full digital temperature controllers with direct Ethernet connection

Direct Contact with the design engineer

We offer our clients direct access to the design engineer who will manage your project from inception to delivery. This reduces the overhead on our clients by offering more direct communication and significantly decreases development time.