We design and manufacture a vareity of optoelectronic devices such as laser drivers and controllers for industry, OEM  and research. Our controllers for Quantum Cascade Lasers and standard DFB drivers have market-leading performances and have been deployed in Antarctica and other hostile environments.

The vast majority of active devices (such as lasers and optical amplifiers) and passive optical devices require differing levels of control and monitoring. Most lasers used today have at least one laser diode where current control is required for correct operation. RedWave Labs have designed, developed and supplied laser controllers with ultra low current noise down to shot noise limit for sensing applications. We have also designed and manufactured high power pulse current (up to 100A) drivers for pump applications.

To record the signal from lasers, light emitting diodes or even incandescent bulbs we typically need a measuring device. This could be a photodetector, photoreceiver, thermopile, Golay cell or another device. The optical spectrum covered by RedWave Labs photoreceivers and detectors ranges from the ultraviolet (300 nm) to the far-infrared (10 µm).

We have femtowatt receivers for sensor applications in the visible and near-infrared range, fast receivers around 3µm to monitor gas leakage,  CO2 sensors operating around 4 µm and also many more that have been designed to specific customer requirements.

We have in our standard portfolio of laser controllers:

  • Standard DFB laser controllers with current capabilities up to 250 mA, analog modulation bandwidth of 250 kHz and additional TTL On/Off switch with rise time of about 200 ns. TEC control is included, so too a connector for NEL laser, and required heatsink is a part of the boards.
  • Quantum Cascade Laser driver with current up to 1.3 A, compliance voltage up to 14.5 V, TTL On/Off switch, analog modulation bandwidth of 100 kHz
  • Pump laser driver with current capabilitiy of up to 5 A, low noise and small footprint.


  • General purpose Si based (0.3 – 1.0 µm) amplified photoreceivers D101 with multiple gain and low filter settings or D121 DC-coupled with 150 MHz bandwidth.
  • High performance InGaAs (0.9 – 1.7 µm), extended InGaAs ( (0.9 – 2.6 µm) and InGaAsSb (1.0 – 3.6 µm) with built-in thermo-electric (TEC) cooler and controller.


Customized products

In addition to our standard products we offer customized versions of all our products for OEM integration. We have been shipping our custom tailored laser controllers and photoreceivers for more than 10 years now and with volumes ranging from one-off to several hundreds per year and so there are several thousands in use today.