Laser Controllers

Most laser applications require precise real-time control. Our controllers deliver the necessary dynamic response and near short noise performance. They can also incorporate built-in temperature controllers.

RedWave labs understands that keeping precise control of your laser at any moment is crucial for many applications, including environmental sensing of process control. To achieve this we offer laser controllers able to provide very low noise but maintaining the necessary dynamic response. On top of this, our laser controller can incorporate a built-in temperature controller to keep the laser cool.

We have in our standard portfolio of laser controllers:

  • Standard DFB laser controllers with current capabilities up to 250 mA, analog modulation bandwidth of 250 kHz and additional TTL On/Off switch with rise time of about 200 ns. TEC control is included, as is a connector for NEL laser. The required heatsink is a part of the boards.
  • Quantum Cascade Laser driver with current¬†up to 1.3 A, compliance voltage up to 14.5 V, TTL On/Off switch, analog modulation¬†bandwidth of 100 kHz
  • Pump laser driver with current capability of up to 5 A, low noise and small footprint.

In addition to our standard products we offer customized versions of all our products for OEM integration. We have been shipping our custom tailored laser controllers and photoreceivers for more than 10 years now and with volumes ranging from one-off to several hundreds per year and over several thousands over lifetime.