RedWave Labs have designed, developed and are currently manufacturing several products with embedded firmware and  related PC clients.  Our most recent embedded products involve specialized PC-104 data acquisition cards for industrial applications.

Our recent products include:

  • PC-104 Data Acquisition board  with Texas Instrument  6000 DSP (4800 MIPS) on board for real time processing
  • PC-104 Data Acquisition board with:  16 channel ADC  with  24 bit resolution  (1 kS/s) and Programmable Gain Amplifier;  8 channel DAC with 16 bit resolution; 48 DIO lines. Linux based, PCI bus driver
  • PC-104 Data Acquisition board with: 2 channel ADC with 16 bit resolution at 1.2 MS/s and Programmable Gain Amplifier; 2 channel DAC with 16 bit resolution and 500 ns settling time; 16 DIO lines with low jitter.  All channels can be synchronized and real time calculation can be processed directly on on board DSP without loading main CPU.
  • GPS module for  major security customer
  • Digital lock-in amplifiers up to 1 MHz
  • Embedded data acquisition, storage and process control in the remote location using RF data link.
Firmware and software:
  • Linux development (standard and embedded)
  • Drivers for PCI and PCI-X (Linux, Windows)
  • Embedded (TI, Analog, PIC) from small PIC controllers to major security applications

Direct Contact with the design engineer

We offer our clients direct access to the design engineer who will manage your project from inception to delivery. This reduces the overhead on our clients by offering more direct communication and significantly decreases development time.