Custom Design

RedWave Labs’ in-house design capability covers high precision analog electronics including power supplies, embedded control electronics, GPS and many more.


RedWave Labs can satisfy a wide range of customer requirements, from our standard range of drivers and controllers to highly complex custom designs and prototypes for the most demanding environments. Our work ranges from high precision analog design to fully integrated embedded systems with multiple DSP non-volatile memory. Many of our products can operate at temperatures down to -70°C.

We are ISO9001-2008/EN29000 certified and follow Design For Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines from the very early design stages. This results in robust products that have been successfully deployed in the field for many years.

Extreme environments:

We have designed, manufactured and deployed systems exposed to -70°C, 30 km altitude and that have survived 30km free fall back to Earth. We can design electronics to survive the rough ascent and descent while collecting viable data all the way. We apply similar principles to all of our products.

Low power consumption and high efficiency:

Wasted and mismanaged  power can be very detrimental, leading to overheated and damaged devices or too short battery lifetimes due to the poor efficiency of a power supply.  RedWave Labs has designed and developed balloon sensors, with lasers and all the necessary thermal management, that run continuously from a single Li-ion battery for several hours. Our custom designed power supplies have typical efficiencies well over 90% across various loads.

Practical Designs:

We take a pragmatic approach to design.  Not only must our products perform robustly in the field, but they must also perform at the highest level. When our clients’ requirements dictate, we will design using  actual component performance levels, rather than constrain our designs to the component manufacturer’s published performance capability.

Direct Contact with the design engineer:

We offer our clients direct access to the design engineer who will manage your project from inception to delivery. This reduces the overhead on our clients by offering more direct communication and significantly decreases development time.